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Meditation - Dhyana

Yoga is a system of:
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Right Living
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Increased Awareness
Object Focus
What is Meditation?
  • Focused, concentrated awareness
  • Elimination of distractions
  • Setting mind upon one thing
Obstacles to Overcome
  • Attitude - impatience. We attempt meditation for 10 minutes and then say that we can't do it.
  • Attitude - disbelief. We assume that meditation is "zoning out" and disregard the possibility that it can help us.
How to Get Started
  • Start by noticing what you are doing
  • You probably can get into a meditative state more easily than you realize.
    Take a moment to think about what you truly enjoy doing.
    Is it walking? Reading? Playing with your children? Listening to music?
    Do you love and become absorbed in your work? Do you have a craft or hobby? A sport?
  • Start by selecting one of the things that you enjoy the most and using it as your basis for meditation
  • If you are a walker or runner, bring your attention to the feel and sound of your feet as they strike the ground
  • If you are a golfer, become aware of the swing of your torso as you take the first shot at each hole.
    Or, bring your attention to the steps that you take as you walk the course.
  • ANY practice of attention and concentration will make meditation easier to achieve!
Here is a Series of Steps to Begin the Practice
  • Set aside at least ½ hour for yourself.
  • Start by setting a timer for 15 minutes.
    Start walking. For the whole walk, pick a comfortable pace and maintain it. As you walk, notice each step that you take.
  • For many people, it is easier to begin with counting the steps. If that’s true for you, fine, go for it.
    Even if you count, as time passes, you’ll discover that you’ve stopped counting and are simply aware of your footsteps.
  • When the timer goes off, keep walking but now turn your attention to the way your feet lift of the path and come back down to the path.
  • Feel whether you walk on the balls of your feet or on the heels.
    Notice how your feet feel.
    Become aware of your feet inside your socks.
    Notice if you clench your toes.
    Keep walking.
  • Now begin to notice your breathing.
    Don’t change or try to control it! Just notice it.
    Notice, as you are walking, if your breath is even with the pace of your feet.
    Don’t change anything! Just observe yourself.
  • Walk for as long as you like, but at least for ½ an hour.
Things that You'll Notice
  • Your mind will drift. You’ll start thinking, “this is boring” or “I can’t concentrate on my feet”.
    As soon as you start thinking that, you’ll start to tell yourself “see, I knew I couldn’t meditate!”.
  • Different muscles will tighten and stiffen.
    Having nothing to do with your physical condition, your body will begin to react to the things that your mind is thinking.
  • You’ll get frustrated.
  • You'll get bored.
What to Do About Them
  • As your mind drifts, follow the thought and let it pass, like a wave breaking at the shore.
    It comes, it’s here, it’s gone. Another thought comes in – follow it and let it pass. Don’t hold on to the thought -
    always replace that thought with the awareness of your feet.
  • Exhale each time you feel your muscles stiffen.
  • As soon as you feel frustrated or bored, inhale, count to 4, and exhale.
When you return from your walk, take 5 minutes and record your walking experience.
Just write. No editing. No spell checking. Write 5 minutes. Stop.

Try to do this every day for a full week, about the same time each day.
Write each day and don’t read anything that you’ve already written. After 7 days, read your week’s writing.


Did you zone out? I don’t think so. You probably have never known your feet so well!
Were you able to focus some of the time? Great!! If it wasn’t all of the time, so what!
Were you able to eliminate distractions? Dogs barking, kids on bicycles, traffic?
Did you notice whether or notice your overall awareness changed? Did you hear things differently? Did you see things differently?

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